Our Services

Das Nitrogen Services Ltd. strives to ensure that we are providing the best service to our customers with reliable equipment and well trained staff. We are registered with the Canadian HSE Registry and hold a valid SECOR. All of our operators have WHIMS, Confined Space Entry Certification and TDG Certification. 



Nitrogen Pumpers


Flame less nitrogen pumping units designed for process, pipeline and down-hole applications. We currently  have 3 units available. Each unit is equipped with fully computerized control systems providing precise pumping operations with up to the second readouts on pressure, temperature, rate and product levels. 


  1. Flame less heat source eliminates potential ignition source and harmful emissions.
  2. For use in environments where elimination of an open flame is preferred.
  3. Ability to deliver rates from 2-85 m3/min.
  4. Temperature at discharge -20° to +85° Celsius.
  5. Pressure capable up to 10,000 psi.
  6. Larger product carrying capacity than traditional body mounted units (7,000 m3) with the capability of travelling during road bans with a reduced product load.
  7. Control booth allows operators optimal and unobstructed control.

Tractor Trailer Nitrogen Transporters


Our bulkers carry 17,000+ scm of product and is ideal for large volume projects. We currently have 3 units available.